Our technologies

A foundation for reliable platforms, built to scale.

We are developing our platforms to leverage the delivery of digital healthcare services such as Telemedicine and Tele-pharmacy. We operate Health&Go – a leading EU telemedicine services provider powered by our technologies, and Apomeds – a fast-growing Tele-pharmacy startup that is using our unique platforms.

Our features:

Content Management System
Control content and images while taking into consideration search engine optimization with the latest approaches
Product Catalog & Inventory Management
Control and manage products and inventory with cutting-edge features which take in mind the highest complex regulation standard and the simplicity of an eCommerce.
Telemedicine Platform
Smart Interactive questionnaires take telemedicine to the next level.
Tracker Module
Monitor and analyze the end user behavior to help provide a tailor-made solution for every potential patient.
Payment Gateway
Manage different payment providers and aggregate it into one smart and secured payment page.
CRM system
One-of-a-kind CRM system which allows doctors, pharmacists, and customer support agents to provide outstanding service.
Workflow & Core service.
The core of the system. A world-class infrastructure, responsible for the workflow between the different platform modules.
BI System
We take the data to the next level with a smart big data business intelligence module, processing the data in real-time and state-of-the-art dashboards.