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We develop platforms that lead the future of healthcare

Apomedical (IL) is operating mixed models; under our B2C Telemedicine activity we fully operate all functions of the business and engage directly with the patients. Under our B2B model, we provide our software and connecting services such as marketing and support for Tele-pharmacy operators.

Our Platforms

The pharmacy of the future
Apomedical (IL) develops the technology that powers the popular online pharmacy service provider Apomeds. Thanks to our advanced technology, patients can easily or purchase or prescription medication and get it delivered to their front door, discreetly and hassle-free.
An advanced Telemedicine platform
A leading Telemedicine portal that allows patients to be treated remotely by healthcare professionals through a secure, easy-to-use, and innovative digital environment. The features we developed provide our doctors with advanced scaling capabilities without compromising on patients' best care principles.
Accessible from any device
Our user-friendly interfaces can be easily accessed from any device, enabling patients to enjoy a responsive & optimized experience, anytime and anywhere.